Job Description


Accounting – Bookkeeping


FLSA Status - Full-Time Exempt

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Receives all invoices; records and writes checks for account payable (to be signed by CEO).
  2. Post payroll and other non-check bank withdrawals to QuickBooks.
  3. Performs all accounting, bookkeeping, and reconciliation functions, such as checks and company credit cards.
  4. Follows through on requests from CEO / Administration for reports and financial information.
  5. Keeps QuickBooks current and ready for the Income Tax CPA at year end.
  6. Arranges for annual audits with firm selected by CEO.
  7. Monthly meetings with the CEO to review tasks.
  8. May be required to work evening or weekend hours for special events.
  9. Reports to work on time, notifying CEO and Executive Assistant via pre-determined method if delayed or ill.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Understands, speaks, reads, and writes English
  • Must have at least an associate degree in accounting or related field or two years of prior experience in position for which they are applying preferred
  • Experienced in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and reconciliation functions
  • Must be proficient in Excel, Word, QuickBooks
  • Competent and proficient in using job-related equipment (e.g., computer, copy machine, applicable financial-related software)
  • Must be trust worthy, honest, and emotionally mature
  • Must be accurate and detail-oriented
  • Able to exercise strong emotional intelligence
  • Able to deal pleasantly and courteously with all employees, contractors, consultants, administration, guests, and the general public
  • Able to reason and think through the work process and solve problems in a timely manner

Special Requirements

  1. Must attend staff meetings as notified
  2. Must be a legal California driver, which involves license and insurance, etc., and eligible to be covered by the company insurance


Work hours

Work week is Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm




Experience :
1-2 years
Wage :
Job Location :
Bakersfield, CA
Creation date :