Plant Manager/ Production Manager

Our client is a nationally recognized food production firm located in the central valley of CA. This role is a highly visible integral part of day to day operations in a high speed manufacturing environment. Our client is a technologically advanced firm using the latest in high quality food manufacturing technology and machinery. If you're looking for an advanced organization with opportunity for growth, this is an amazing opportunity. 


Plant Manager/ Assistant Manager

This Job Description includes activities assigned specifically to the Plant Manager and Assistant Manager positions. All GMP’s and SOP’s should be followed in conjunction with all Food Safety and Food Quality requirements and guidelines. Plant Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the following tasks are performed in a timely manner. 

Safety is every employee’s responsibility as Plant Manager/ Assistant you agree to implement the daily use Personal Protective Equipment when performing your job duties.


  • ·The Plant Manager/ Assistant Manager’s first responsibility of the day is to perform a Pre-Op Inspection.
  • ·(See DAILY PRE-OP SANITATION REPORT). Ideally Pre-Op is preformed prior to the USDA Pre-Op Inspection, although can be done alongside the USDA Grader. Once Team Lead has been thoroughly trained, the Manager/Assistant Manager can re-assign the Pre- Op duties.
  • ·During the Pre-Op Inspection a Safety Inspection should be performed.  Managers/Assistant Managers are required to do a daily safety walk-through to identify any safety hazards prior to employees starting their shift. (See Pre-Shift Safety Checklist)
  • ·Once the Pre-Op and Safety Inspection is complete and the machines are cleared for production, the Manager/Assistant Manager can set up the processing machines.
  • ·Manager/Assistant may perform or can assign the Machine Check to his Lead Mechanic.  Machine speed is set and machine is started. Listen for any in-normality in machine, such as tools left in the machine, rollers off, and or any machine malfunctions. Set lanes to run consistently.
  • ·Run machine for approximately 5 minutes. Once confirmed the machine is running correctly, turn on washers and blowers. Set machine speed.
  • ·Verify that the date stamps set up, boxes, cartons, and slip sheets set up, and everything is available for production to begin.
  • ·Employees arrive on the floor and full production begins.
  • ·Run approximately 2 1/2 cases of each product, increase speed to approximately 200 cases per hour to ensure date stamps are correct and all positions are running efficiently.
  • ·Verify all people are in place, and positions are covered. Adjust lines production if someone is missing. If necessary call in or pull resources from other areas to ensure proper coverage.
  • ·Once everything has cleared and depending on the availability of products, the final machine speed will be determined by the Manager.
  • ·Before leaving the Plant for the day, Manager ensures that all Re-Work is done, Production daily cleanup has been performed, all dry products have been properly put away, and cooler are all ready for the night cleanup crew. Manager should have printed the next day’s Run Sheets & ensured that the packaging is available, and confirm that there is enough product to fill the orders.
  • ·Plant Manager will ensure that all employees are working in a safe manner and under safe conditions.
  • ·Plant Manager will be responsible to enforce all company policies and give disciplinary actions to anyone breaking any rules or policies.
  • ·Plant Manager is responsible to let the Safety Coordinator know when it is time for employees to be re trained or certified on equipment
  • ·Check and verify HACCP Computer is registering proper temperature readings by validating the gauges with the laser thermometer.
  • ·Sanitizer Readings – Manager must verify personally or assign verification task to a designated Employee
  • ·Check HACCP Computer Read Outs for day before. Ensure that there are not any questionable activities or critical readings and file the logs in appropriate folders.       
  • ·Check Compressors; make sure all three are running. Check that both Boilers outside are running and temperatures are accurate.   Manager can assign this to the mechanic to check prior to production, although Manager will verify task is being performed.
  • ·Verify all logs are being filled out and that staff understands the importance of each log and its purpose.        

Plant Manager will perform all employee evaluations in a timely manner.

 Other Duties:

Document all incoming loads that do not adhere to critical limits in the Incoming Corrective Action Record. All incoming loads that do not adhere to critical limits must be inspected.  If the deviation is a cause of inadequate reefer temperature settings beyond normal loading and unloading deviations then loads will be turned away.

  • ·All incoming product returns or red tag product must be logged on the Store return log sheet and filled out accurately with lot numbers, plant numbers, and reason for returns. Then log product in the receiving log.
  • ·Product return log must be turned in to your manager then must communicate with USDA by e mail about the incoming product returns. Product returns or red tags must be placed in the USDA holding area indicated by the assigned location only. Anything stored in this area must be documented on the disposition log.


Physical Requirements:

  • ·Ability to meet physical requirements of the job including long periods of standing, bending, and lifting occasionally up to 50lbs.
  • ·Continuously lift/move/push/pull objects weighing up to and including 50-pounds; regularly lift/move/push/pull objects weighing up to and including 75-pounds
  • ·Frequently stoop/crouch/bend/climb/push/pull objects to complete the essential functions of this position.
  • ·Vision sufficient to safely perform the essential job tasks.
  • ·Exposure to outside temperatures and conditions

Preferred Skills, Competencies and Experience:

  • ·Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • ·Ability to operate equipment such as forklift.
  • ·Possess good judgment, dependability, adaptability and punctuality.
  • ·Ability to work in a diverse team environment.

Bilingual: English / Spanish 

Education Requirements:

  • ·High School Diploma or GED preferred, but not required

Note:  Valid Driver’s License required for insurance purposes.  Site Manager retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of this position at any time.


Experience :
1-2 years
Wage :
Job Location :
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