Contract Administrative Assistant

Our client is a world wide distributor with contracts in over 15 countries currently and rapidly growing. We are actively searching for a contracts administrator / administrative assistant to help manage the entire contract process and fill in where needed for this small, but rapidly growing office. 

Duties may include:

  • Input and/or maintain contact information in database; work with personnel and/or Licensee (mostly through email) to get complete and accurate information for each contract
  • Prepare and/or finalize contracts with contact and planting information, checking for accuracy and completeness in the variable information; coordinate signing by officer
  • Prepare correspondence to transmit documents for signatures
  • Prepare, assemble and maintain physical files
  • Track status of unsigned contracts and follow-up with Regional Managers as needed
  • When signed contracts are returned, scan and file copies in files and database and update all tracking information in spreadsheets
  • Prepare and deliver documents to Licensee with signed contract
  • Assist in updating and/or finalizing contract Schedules for signatures after the company audits the plantings.
  • Scan and file executed Schedule(s) in database, and physical file
  • May assist with updating plantings in database before or after audit
  • Monitor database for expiring contracts and/or plantings and assist in follow-up
  • Assist in maintaining and/or updating master contracts to incorporate changes required from time to time
  • Upon receipt of Exercise Notice from, check details and log it in for tracking purposes; obtain complete application for planting agreement, when needed
  • Get approval signature, scan and file Exercise Notice (electronic & paper file)
  • Add proposed plantings and upload Exercise Notice to database
  • May assist in preparing authorization(s), if needed; transmit instructions to Licensee with approved Exercise Notice (and authorization(s), if needed); track return of confirmations when required

Ideal Qualifications:

  • Strong work ethic
  • Good computer/word processing skills
  • Good attention to detail and proofreading work
  • Able to understand and clearly communicate questions and instructions
  • Strong organizational skills; able to bring methodical approach to multi-level projects; able to handle a number of requests without losing track of priorities
  • Enthusiastic, personable, and energetic
  • Willing and able to remain focused when the task is tedious
  • Works well with others as part of a team, but able to work independently on assignments when given clear instructions

To apply, please upload your resume using the following link:


Experience :
3-5 years
Wage :
Job Location :
Bakersfield, CA
Creation date :