Project Manager

he Project Manager must be well versed in all construction methodologies, procedures, and disciplines and provide direct management for all phases of Commercial and Public Works construction projects in various cities within the State of California while supervising Construction Project Superintendents. This position keeps projects on schedule and within budget by overseeing projects from start to finish using substantial communication and collaboration.

Essential Functions:

·        Responsible for compliance with applicable Federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

·        Participates in strategic budgeting with Executives and Superintendents, handles resource allocation, and forms staffing plans.

·        Ensures that all required specifications, codes, policies, procedures, and processes are followed.

·        Obtains permits and licenses as necessary.

·        Collaborates with engineers, architects, and design team, to determine plans, specifications, general and special conditions, addendums, subcontract requirements, and bid paperwork including RFI’s.

·        Work on one or multiple projects simultaneously as required. Work with and assign tasks to the project manager assistant or project engineer.

·        Negotiate and create subcontracts and purchase orders to meet bid budget requirements and makes sure they are executed with all insurance documents prior to subcontractors start of work.

·        Review contract documents in detail to determine discrepancies and submit RFI’s timely to prevent job delays.

·        Reviews all product submittals in detail to determine compliance with the contract documents and then submits to design team for approval.

·        Creates the project SOV, submits billings to the owner monthly and assists in collection.

·        Prices and submits change orders as required.

·        Makes sure all required documents such as DSA 140’s and DSA 142’s are submitted.

·        Ensures cost-effective measures are taken in all areas and consistently reviews areas for improvements. Review project margins weekly to confirm the project remains on budget and take action if it strays from budget.

·        Allocates and/or approves resources and equipment for full effective and appropriate utilization.

·        Oversees Superintendents management of subcontractor and vendor work, assists with material take-off’s, oversees procurement, ensures security of project inventory, ensures the right materials are used, correct safety, health, and environmental quality standards are met while executing scope of work as agreed.

·        Facilitates notices such as 48-hour notices to subcontractors.

·        Helps identify and resolve problems and communicates to Superintendents and other internal and external contacts to keep project on schedule and within budget.

·        Provides intensive follow-up regarding previous problems/issues and manages appropriately.

·        Ensures As-Built plans are updated each week by the Superintendents.

·        Creates the master CPM project schedule, ensures three-week Superintendent schedules are updated each week and meet the master CPM schedule. Coordinate with supt. and subcontractors to work out issues.

·        Weekly review, approve, and ensure Superintendent daily reports, time cards, subcontractor invoices and material invoices are submitted according to timing and internal accounting cost codes.

·        Keeps a constant focus on preventative maintenance, loss control, and safety.

·        Maintains consistent attention to maintenance, repair, and replacement needed for equipment and vehicles, ensuring good working order.

·        Assigns and consistently evaluates work of Superintendents.

·        Provides a clear sense of direction and focus.

·        Provides or oversees recruitment and hiring for projects.

·        Responsible for worker safety (PPE, job site conditions, how to safely perform jobs, consistent training)

·        Ensures appropriate inspections with city, county, or Division of State Architect (DSA) are completed.

·        Ensures all grievances or complaints are investigated, handled and documented appropriately.

·        Maintains records of all project activity.

·        Mandatory attendance at weekly management meetings.

·        May take on other duties as assigned.


·        Bachelor degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or Business AND one (1) year construction experience or background OR

·        Five (5) years’ work experience performing Project Management duties or substantially similar work as described herein

·        Must have a clean Motor Vehicle Report

·        Must pass a background investigation, drug test, and Live Scan fingerprinting

·        Ethical and punctual, fulfilling obligations as promised

·        Must be an analytic self-starter and be dependable, reliable, and available as needed

·        Must be computer literate with working knowledge of all Microsoft Office programs and Outlook for email

·        Must be able to professionally, authoritatively communicate effectively both verbally and in writing to internal and external contacts and employees

·        Lead by example, provide guidance, motivate and team build with all on-site employees/teams

·        Take on ownership of each project by managing tasks as they relate to the scope

·        Ability to be persuasive and handle pricing/invoicing negotiations and communications with detail

·        Must have a proven ability to problem solve and make quick decisions effecting operations

·        Must possess the ability to set and meet deadlines and manage field Superintendents simultaneously

·        Must be willing to occasionally travel and work in varies cities in the State of California


Experience :
3-5 years
Wage :
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