Project Manager

Project Manager shall make a list of all subcontracts on all projects with the cooperation of the Senior Estimator.  Project Manager shall draft all contracts and forward for final preparation and distribution to subcontractors for signature.  The project documents will be assembled by the Project Manager and a copy of the project documents will be given to the Superintendent.

The project documents shall contain the following:

  1. List of subcontractors
  2. Subcontracts including scope of work description.
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Project Specifications
  5. Project Addendum(s)
  6. Wallace & Smith Injury/Illness prevention program.
  7. Schedule and preconstruction check list.


Project Manager shall prepare a job schedule.


Project Manager shall process submittals.  Project manager is to be responsible for acquiring, approving and returning all submittals in order to expedite placement of all materials on a project.  Superintendent shall verify all dimensions forma copy of the submittals and if incorrect, bring to the attention of the project manager.

Change Orders:

All change orders pricing shall be the responsibility of the Project Manager.  When change order pricing has been completed, all prices will be submitted to the Project Manager for Architect and Owner approval.  No additional work shall be performed on a project until the Superintendent receives written notification or an approved change order from the office.


  1. Project Manager will communicate with the superintendent each day.
  2. Project Manager will inform the administrative assistant of problems resolved with Superintendent/Architect.
  3. Subcontractor negligence – follow through with necessary paperwork after being informed by superintendent.  Send 72 hour notice when necessary
  4. Billing to clients – see attached.


Experience :
1-2 years
Wage :
Job Location :
Santa Maria/SLO
Creation date :