Steel Detailer

Utilizing engineering building design documents, produce shop drawings for manufacturing.  The Detailer audits and corrects all architectural and structural drawings to ensure the drawings have all correct items for successful production of the building or component.  Will work in steel, cold-formed steel and on occasion reinforced concrete.  This position also includes developing architectural / structural drawings for submittal to building jurisdictions for approval as needed.


Essential Functions and Capabilities

·         Convert building design drawings to shop drawings for manufacturing using AutoCAD.  (Revise and finalize shop drawings provided from the building design software.)

·         Detail all structural building components, all building trims and accessory items.

·         Provide Shipping Lists of all components. 

·         Modify building design software inputs to improve efficiency of detailing.

·         Effectively communicate and work well with engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and other department teams and personnel.

·         Prepare and finalize building design drawings for submittal to building departments for approval. 

·         Produce effective product designs and shop drawings by leveraging their understanding of engineering and manufacturing techniques.

·         Experience and knowledge of pre-engineered steel buildings is a significant plus.

·         Project Management experience related to steel buildings is a plus.

·         Work cooperatively with the team to meet deadlines within budget.

·         Ability to perform under pressure.

·         The ability to demonstrate understanding of steel fabrication and erection, including welds, and connections is essential.

·         Understand and keep current with standards and building codes as related to steel fabrication and erection.

·         Strong math and computer detailing skills with precision and attention to detail is critical.

·         Ability to read structural and architectural drawings.

·         Analytical and technical problem solving skills.

·         Initiative and versatility to address unexpected challenges.

·         Strong knowledge in structural steel connections AISC/AWS and fabrication and erection practices.


·         Strong practical mathematical skills.

·         Excellent proficiency with AutoCAD.

·         Understand and follow technical direction.

·         Positive contribution toward team projects.


Education and Experience

·         Graduate of a technical college or institution in engineering or related field and have a minimum of 3 years of experience.

·         Three years of experience in steel detailing.

Desirable Experience

·         Experience in producing and understanding steel fabrication drawings and a practical understanding of steel fabrication and erection.

·         Strong computer detailing skills with precision and attention to detail.

·         Project Management related to steel building is a plus.

·         Understanding of Building Information Modeling is a plus.



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Experience :
3-5 years
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Job Location :
Fresno, CA
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