Purchasing Manager

Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, the Purchasing Manager is responsible for managing vendors and sourcing equipment, goods, and services. As the Purchasing Manager, you will also be responsible for administering the bidding process and contracts for vendor performance. This position is responsible for ensuring the timeliness of the Client’s supply inventory replenishment while simultaneously considering account needs, cash flow, and overall product and distribution strategy.

Job Duties:   

  • Propose improvements to the current purchasing system that will improve vendor relationships and lower the cost of doing business and coordinating delivery of products and services to meet realistic schedules.
  • Collaborate with inventory control to develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and then maintaining those levels throughout the year.
  • Manage the department’s day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure that all purchasing agents are meeting their personal performance standard.
  • Manages purchasing agents and other personnel within the department to make certain they are properly trained, conducting business according to policy and procedure, and that they look after the interests of the company.
  • Reviews all purchase requests to make certain that products or services are purchased for a reasonable and legitimate business purpose and that the requests for purchases have been properly authorized.
  • Recommends, drafts, and updates policies and procedures and ensures compliance within the department
  • Responsible for conducting negotiations with supplies as necessary. Agreements, purchase orders, or other contractual documents are personally prepared and approved by the Procurement Manager, or by other members of the Purchasing Department as delegated by the Procurement Manager.
  • Collaborate with inventory control and develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and then maintaining those levels throughout the year.
  • Conducts research and analyses to make forecasts to anticipate supply problems and take preventive actions.
  • Researches new products, processes, and recommends those that could be beneficial to the company as well as attending trade shows and seminars to keep informed of the latest technology.
  • Effectively communicates with management on any business development that might affect the company and makes recommendations regarding those developments.
  • Resolve supplier/contractor disputes, if required, and ensures compliance in contractual obligations to the company and that they are serving the company’s best interest.
  • Develop and maintains annual budget for the Purchasing Department and monitor the approved budget to control all costs.
  • Other related duties as required by Chief Financial Officer.

Additional Duties:

  • HIPAA Compliance – Responsible for maintaining functional knowledge of and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all member information confidential.
  • Compliance – Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  • QA/QI – Participate in QA/QI activities and contribute towards the overall performance improvement of the organization.
  • IT – Required learning and using the Electronic Health Records and Practice Electronic System and its components. As required by the job functions and highlighted in the Policies and Procedures.

Qualifications, Education, and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Minimum two (2) years or more years of supervisory experience required.
  • Four years or more of purchasing management experience including supply management, tracking budgets, vendor relationships, customer service, and documentation skills.


  • APICS certification preferred.


  • Strong knowledge of supply chain management required.
  • Knowledge and understanding of inventory management policies required.
  • Ability to communicate and maintain an effective working relationship with staff.
  • Ability to operate independently, supervise projects, assignments, multi-disciplinary teams, and personnel.
  • Strong organization skills

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Experience :
1-2 years
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