Registered Nurse


Any combination equivalent to the experience and education that are required by federal, state, and local guidelines. The minimum requirements for experience and education are:

  •  AA, AS, Diploma, or BSN from an accredited school of registered nursing
  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in California
  • Two years of experience as a registered nurse
  • Current First Aid and CPR at the BLS level
  • Radiation Oncology experience and/or OCN status preferred
  • Diagnostic experience preferred
  • Ability to provide two current, acceptable, and verifiable professional references


The RN must have a board knowledge base and proactive standards which include the following: the pathology and treatment of various cancers; a working knowledge of research application and protocol devilment; knowledge of the principles and practices of safe radiation therapy administration; management of side effects, symptom control; and a working knowledge of available community resources. The RN functions as a coordinator of client care, collaborating with other cancer providers and health team members to provide required care as effectively as possible. The RN is accountable for delivering care within the framework of the nursing process.

Standards of Care:


The RN systematically and continuously collects data regarding the health status of the client


The RN analyzes assessment data in determining nursing diagnosis.

Outcome Modification

The RN identifies expected outcomes individualized to the client.


The RN develops an individualized and holistic plan of care that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes.


The RN implements the plan of care to achieve the identified expected outcomes for the client.


  • Receives assignments from the RO PA or MD or designees and follows up using established protocols.
  • Provides treatment and/or nursing procedures to the patient in the clinic.
  • Prepares clinical and nursing notes that meet organizational requirements.
  • Informs RO physicians, PA and other appropriate personnel of changes in patient condition or need.
  • Perform functions, as needed, in giving contrast and sedation for Computerized Tomography (CT) scan Patients in the CT room.
  • Perform functions, as needed in giving contrast and sedation for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan Patients in the PET Room.
  • Perform functions, as needed in giving contrast and sedation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan Patients in the MRI room.
  • Assist, as needed in giving during Biopsy procedures including conscious sedation.
  • Counsels the patient and/or family meeting nursing and related needs.
  • Educates and instructs patient and patient’s caregivers in procedures and related care needs.
  • Actively prepares for and participates in case conferences, peer to peer, M & M and radiation safety meetings.
  • Routinely attends and participates in in-service training programs.
  • Collects data as required to meet legal mandates.
  • Provides accurate and legible data to the RO PA or designee.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all matters related to the patient and the organization.
  • Maintains personal composure and integrity under stressful conditions.


  • Routine nursing skills practiced in a clinic – including, but not limited to prepping for CT Scan, PET scan, MRI scans and biopsies.
  • Insuring that patients have signed informed consent prior to the initiation of therapy.
  • Obtaining appropriate venous/arterial access via peripheral veins or implanted devices.
  • Obtaining and preparing lab specimens per established policies and procedures.
  • Obtaining lab values on patient and evaluating proper parameters.
  • Information gathering and recording.
  • Providing accurate and timely records of critical events.
  • Soliciting sensitive information from patients and their caregiver.
  • “Most Current” nursing techniques and procedures.
  • Cooperating with the RO physicians, PA and other co workers.
  • Contacting all patients who miss treatment visits, follow-up appointments, or consultations to arrange for reschedule.
  • Remaining calm with patients and their caregivers under stressful conditions.
  • Effective supervision of the RO MA.


Experience :
1-2 years
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