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Reference :
Maintenance Electrician
Category :
Contract :
Direct Hire
Job(s) available(s) :
Experience :
3-5 years
Studies level :
Wage :
Working place :
Goshen, CA

Are you looking for a role as a Maintenance Electrician and to work for a great company? This direct hire role we are recruiting for is one that you want to apply for.

This company really believes in the power of their people and their growth proves it. This role is located in Goshen Ca and the duties are below for this direct hire role.


This is an experienced position responsible for electrical maintenance and repair of plant equipment. Areas of expertise in electrical, mechanical repair and instrumentation is emphasized. Primary goal is to ensure safe and efficient production by responding to changing conditions in a timely manner.


Performs maintenance in all areas of the plant on a scheduled or emergency basis:

  • Electrical repairs on motors, motor starters; running conduit and pulling wires for new installations
  • Building repairs and cleaning
  • Moves, sets, calibrates, as needed, controls such as knobs, valves, switches, levers, and index arms, on control panels to control process variables such as flows, temperatures, pressures, vacuum, time, and chemicals, by automatic regulation and remote control of processing units, such as heaters, coolers, compressors, exchangers, and other units.
  • Determines malfunctioning units by observing control instruments, such as meters and gauges or by automatic warning signals, such as lights and sounding of horns.
  • Inspects equipment to determine location and nature of malfunction such as leaks, breakages and faulty valves.
  • Communicates directly with production to coordinate maintenance and repair work.
  • Performs preventive maintenance activities as required.
  • Assists with new installations and other projects, as requested by the supervisor.
  • Works with contractors to plan and implement installation of new equipment or systems


Performs electrical maintenance in all areas of the plants on a scheduled or emergency basis.

Repairs, Replacements, Installations, Alterations, Troubleshooting, Cleaning and Testing for the following:

  • Electrical Motors and associated components such as Starters, MCC’s and VFD’s.
  • Distribution equipment such as Panelboards and Switchgear.
  • Conductors and Terminations.
  • Sensors and Instrumentation.
  • Conduits, Raceways, and Fittings.
  • LED, HID and Incandescent Lighting.
  • Standard components such as Transformers, Plugs, Receptacles, Fixtures and devices.
  • Patrols electrical and non-electrical equipment to verify safe and efficient operating conditions.
  • Participates in safety, health, plant cleanliness and environmental programs.


  • A high school diploma is required.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience in electrical or instrumentation maintenance and repair.
  • Must have experience in pipe bending/wire pull/ termination.
  • Technical experience, working with sensors and instrumentation.
  • Previous or current enrollment in an Electrical Apprenticeship Program or certification as a general electrician preferred.
  • Arc-Flash PPE training preferred.
  • Experience with trouble shooting is a plus.

Get your resume in soonest and be the first to apply for this great opportunity with this company!

Laura Hill, CEO / Executive Recruiter | 661-340-5099 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.