Accounts Payable Coordinator

The Accounts Payable Coordinator reports to Senior Accountant include, the responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • ·Proper and accurate posting of all accounts payable invoices.
  • ·Preparation of checks to pay the invoices.
  • ·Responsible for coding the invoices to the correct General Ledger account.
  • ·Ensure the accuracy of the invoices by extending and calculating line items.
  • ·Ensure timely payment of all invoices to take advantage of discounts.
  • ·The mailing of all accounts payable checks.


The principle duties of the Accounts Payable Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following:

  • ·Ensure the timely payment of all invoices to avoid late payment penalties.
  • ·Timely posting of all payables to the correct ledger.
  • ·Resolve all inquiries concerning the accounts payable.
  • ·Preparation of all payable reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • ·Scanning of checks and paid invoices.
  • ·Filing of check copies with the paid invoices.
  • ·Matching of invoices with receivers to verify receipt of material or supplies.
  • ·Set up new vendors in the Accounts Payable database.
  • ·Preparation of the Accounts Payable aging report.
  • ·Preparation of the weekly Accounts Payable cash requirements.
  • ·Perform any other duties as directed by the Senior Accountant


  • ·All required reports have been prepared both accurately and timely.
  • ·Invoices are paid timely to avoid late payment fees or penalties.
  • ·Invoices are paid timely to take advantage of vendor discounts.
  • ·All inquiries concerning the Accounts Payable have been satisfactorily resolved.
  • ·The accounts payable vendor information is up to date and accurate.
  • ·All other duties as directed by the Senior Accountant have been timely done.


  Education -      Required: High School Diploma or equivalent.

            Preferred: Associates Degree in Accounting or equivalent training. Computer training desirable. 

  Experience -    Three to five years experience in a mid to large sized business with payables responsibility.  Must be computer literate and be familiar with the basic office software

Skill, Knowledge and Abilities -  Analytical and mathematical skills as related to business practices and procedures in general use. Ability to provide accurate Accounts Payable reports and aging in a timely manner. The ability to read, speak and write in "Business English".



Experience :
3-5 years
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