Essential Job Functions

  • ·Coordinate bidding schedule and workload with principals to determine which projects to pursue.
  • ·Update bidding schedule and assign projects to Estimators for bidding.
  • ·Prepare Bid Packages and initiate bidding procedures:
    • Obtain all documents for bidding including plans, specifications, soils reports, etc.
    • Prepare invitation for subcontractors with bid instructions, bid form, outline scope of work and preliminary schedule.
    • Review bid drawings and prepare appropriate list of subcontractors to be solicited for bids.  Present subcontractor list and bid documents for distribution of bid packages.
    • Coordinate with secretary to assure bidders are in receipt of bid invitations and verify whether or not they intend to respond with quotes.
    • Forward bid packages to Construction Secretary for obtaining bonds, insurance, MBE/WBE advertising and any other required paperwork for the bid.
  • ·Coordinate Subcontractor Design Build proposals if appropriate.
    • Prepare Proposal Documents including:
      • Proposal Letter
      • Spreadsheets
      • Clarifications and Exclusions
      • Alternates
      • Allowances
      • Enumeration of the Drawings
    • When appropriate complete:
      • Owner’s Bid Documents.
      • Owner’s online procurement procedures.
  • ·Upon project awarded:
    • Prepare Agreement for review and signature.
    • Prepare Bid Grid for guaranteed maximum price agreements.
    • Prepare “Turnover” documents for Project Manager and assist with job set up.
    • Discuss proposal related issues with Project Manager during construction and provide additional documentation if appropriate.
  • ·Preconstruction services:
    • Meet with prospective clients to discuss proposed projects and provide estimated costs based on preliminary information.
    • Develop preliminary control budgets during schematic design and design development.
    • Provide constructability reviews during schematic design and design development.
    • Provide alternate pricing for consideration in determining construction methods and materials.
    • Prepare budgeting for value engineering.
  • ·Prepare Conceptual Estimate and Bid Proposals for presentation including:
    • Thorough review of all bid documents.
    • Attend pre-construction meetings and / or coordinate site meetings for subcontractor’s site investigation.
    • Perform takeoffs and prepare Timberline cost spreadsheet.
    • Prepare General Conditions
    • Accept questions from Subcontractors and Prepare Requests for Information (RFI’s) for presentation to the Owner/Architect.
    • Review Addendums and distribute to Subcontractors with additional direction as neededz
    • Obtain design fees from Architect, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer and Landscape Architect if appropriate.
    • Prepare estimated costs for permits and utility connection fees if appropriate.
    • Review Subcontractors Bids for correct scope of work, clarifications and exclusions and request revised proposals if appropriate.
    • Determine lowest responsible subcontractors quote for inclusion in proposal.

Non-essential Job Functions

  • ·Review plan room publications and other invitations for upcoming bids.
  • ·Track and review results of recent bid openings.
  • ·Maintain list of approved subcontractors for bid solicitation.
  • ·Upload appropriate documents to pVault paperless file storage.
  • ·Maintain current Projects Bidding Log and printing charges for bidding projects.
  • ·Respond to Subcontractors requests for bid results.
  • ·Submit all proposals to Principal for review prior to presentation and make appropriate revisions.
  • ·Follow up with Owners after presentation of bids and proposals and provide additional information and revised costs as needed.

MUST HAVE General Contracting estimating experience.

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.


Experience :
3-5 years
Wage :
Job Location :
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