Project Engineer

The role of the Project Engineer reports directly to the Project Manager and assists the Project Manager with all data input and document distribution.


Essential Functions:

  • Initial input of cost work sheet; submittal Log: With PM direction/ approval
  • Assist the PM in drafting of contracts.
  • Generate submittal log @ project set up for PM to review.
  • Draft / input procurement schedule for long lead items.
  • Distribution of “For Construction” Documents.
  • Assist PM with overall project coordination.
  • Generate transmittals for all outgoing correspondence and project documents.
  • Maintain meeting minutes.
  • Request, log and distribute Submittals. Ensure procurement of long lead items are submitted timely.
  • Generate Change Management and associated documents: RFI’s, RFP’s, COR’s, CO’s and CIC’s for PM review prior to being sent upon return.
  • Update construction schedule. 
  • Research validity of RFI’s, discuss with superintendent, draft for PM review.
  • PE to draft progress billing for PM review and approval.
  • Verify that the As-Builts are being updated in the field.   
  • Coordinate shop drawings and plan revisions with affected subcontractors.
  • Make and answer phone calls.
  • File all project documents.
  • Distribute project schedules.
  • Billing: Assemble all sub billings for PM to review.
  • Update office set of as-builts to current conditions re: RFI’s, Bulletins Ect.
  • Maintain punch lists.
  • Assemble As-Builts.
  • Assist in completing O&M manuals/ warranty documentation


Experience :
1-2 years
Wage :
Job Location :
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