Registered Nurse Diagnostic


Any combination equivalent to the experience and education that are required by federal, State, and Local guidelines shall be considered qualifying.  The minimum requirements for experience and education are:

  • Currently licensed as an Registered Nurse in California
  • One year of acute med/surg experience
  • Current First Aid, BLS Certification, ACLS CertificatioN
  • Ability to provide two current acceptable and verifiable professional references
  • Ability to provide two current acceptable and verifiable professional references 



  • Must attend basic, intermediate, and advanced orientations prior to independently providing patient care
  • Must be able to work a full-time flexible schedule
  • Must possess or be eligible to obtain a current California driver’s license
  • Must be able to pass all pre-employment screening (background check, drug tests, and references)
  • Must be able to pass all program mandated health screenings
  • ACLS certification


Positions in this class are situated in a standard clinical environment where there is little or no exposure to variations in the weather or other similar elements.  Physical agility must be such that the RN is able to stand, walk, or sit for extended periods of time.  This position has direct patient contact and calls for the ability to assist frail patients in rising, walking, sitting, and lying down, etc., frequently throughout the course of the shift.  The RN should be able to lift up to 25 pounds repeatedly and 65 pounds intermittently.  Since the work is categorized by OSHA as Blood borne Pathogen Category I, there is potential exposure to blood, body fluid/tissue, and infectious wastes.  There is also potential exposure to chemical and toxicants via chemotherapy, biotherapy, Radiation and/or Radioactive Isotopes.

Also, a contraindication would be individuals with cardiac pacemakers and Implantable cardioverter defibrillators due to the potential risks when entering MRI Area.



 RN provides registered nursing services to clinical patients based upon a physician’s orders.  The duties of the RN are varied and complex and involve evaluating the patient’s physical and psychological condition, interfacing with the patient’s physician, and the patient’s family.  The RN performs related responsibilities as required.


 This position reports to the Director of Operations and is not a supervising position.


An RN performs in an environment that demands extreme flexibility in dealing with patients, physicians, patient families, and members of the general public with many different cultural backgrounds and needs.  The job demands that the RN be able to perform all of the routine duties of a Registered Nurse in a clinical environment.  Satisfactory performance at this level requires the full knowledge, ability, and willingness to perform duties at the highest professional levels at all times.  The RN must continuously exercise a strong commitment to the organizational goals of the company, while simultaneously exhibiting intelligence and sensitivity to extreme human needs.


  • ·Perform functions, as needed, in giving contrast and sedation for Computerized Tomography (CT) scan Patients in the CT room.
  • ·Perform functions, as needed in giving contrast and sedation for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan Patients in the PET Room.
  • ·Perform functions, as needed in giving contrast and sedation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan Patients in the MRI room.
  • ·Assist, as needed in giving during Biopsy procedures including conscious sedation.
  • ·Review assignments and follow up using established protocols
  • ·Provides treatment and/or nursing procedures to the patient in the clinic
  • ·Prepares clinical and nursing notes that meet organizational requirements
  • ·Informs physician, and other appropriate personnel of changes in patient condition or need
  • ·Counsels the patient and/or family in meeting nursing and related needs
  • ·Instructs the patient and the patient’s caregiver in procedures and related care needs
  • ·Routinely attends and participates in in-service training programs
  • ·Collect data as required to meet legal mandates
  • ·Maintains confidentiality in all matters related to the patient and the organization
  • ·Maintains personal composure and integrity under stressful conditions




Knowledgeable in:

  • Principles, practices and procedures of nursing in a clinical environment
  • Nursing record keeping requirements via Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Conditions that are symptomatic of neglect or abuse
  • Various racial, religious, and ethnic cultures in the organization area
  • Care delivery techniques

Skill in:

  • Routine nursing skills practiced in a clinical environment – including, but not limited to prepping for CT Scan, PET scan, MRI scans and biopsies.
  • Information gathering and recording via Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Providing accurate and timely records of critical events
  • Soliciting sensitive information from patients and their caregiver
  • ‘Most Current’ nursing techniques and procedures
  • Cooperating with physicians, and other coworkers
  • Remaining calm with patients and their caregivers under stressful conditions

Ability to:

  • Read, write, and communicate on a professional level
  • Perform multiple tasks in a timely manner
  • Enter physician and/or NP/PA orders into the EMR per company policy
  • Prepare and administer medications per company policy
  • Observe and follow OSHA and company safety policies
  • Administration of designated cardiac medications, conscious sedation, etc. per CA Nursing Scope of Practice & company policy
  • Obtaining appropriate venous/arterial access via peripheral veins or implanted devices
  • Obtaining and preparing lab specimens per established policies and procedures
  • Obtaining lab values on patient and evaluating proper parameters
  • Perform efficiently in a high-pressure setting
  • Deal effectively with various personalities on a routine basis and in a professional manner
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with coworkers
  • Follow written and verbal directions while retaining the ability to tactfully question directions that seem unclear, unsafe, or illegal
  • Identify and solve routine problems encountered in the clinic
  • Collect data at a level sufficient to meet program mandated needs
  • Meet deadlines
  • Work independently
  • Explain complex ideas and procedures so patients and their caregivers can understand the issues related to their personal care


Experience :
1-2 years
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