Geological Technician

Geophysics and Geologic Services—Geological Technician

Fundamental Objectives: Under the general direction of the Geophysics Manager, the Geological Technicians are responsible for planning, tracking, or coordinating the work activities and resources and other potential job duties deemed necessary by management.

Essential Functions of the Job: Geological Technicians

  • Create and print maps for Land Department
  • Create map files with land position for geoscientists
  • Interface with contracted geoscientists
  • Create, support, and load data into SMT projects
  • Download well data and miscellaneous data products
  • Assist geoscientists with specialized maps and applications
  • Update various projects in SMT (exporting/importing data, such as wells, formation tops, culture layers, contours, shape files, polygons, grids, raster logs, and LAS files)
  • Scan well files and logs that are not already in database and place in appropriate folders
  • Input well completion data into SMT projects
  • Annotate logs for various projects as assigned
  • Input Directional Surveys into SMT projects on a well by well basis based on calculations converted and organized in Excel
  • Create wellbore diagrams for permits
  • Depth Register logs in SMT projects
  • Import LAS files into various projects on a weekly basis
  • Organize and maintain inventory of incoming and outgoing Seismic data sent to ADS offsite storage
  • Digitize logs in Neuralog program
  • Organize yearly Production Data folders according to company, field, statistics, and other data
  • Organize Drilling Activity Reports and input data into SMT project (create new wells and update completion dates)
  • Print logs, maps, and cross sections on Plotter
  • Organize requests made to Blue Print and DOGGR as made by Geologists
  • Print and fold maps
  • Pull production data from micro films at DOGGR
  • Retrieve Dip meter data for specific wells and create binders for Field
  • Organize packages that need to be mailed out to other offices
  • Make deliveries to UPS, OXY, Halliburton, ADS, etc
  • Input Geologic well picks to SMT projects
  • Replace paper and ink cartridges on Plotters and Copy machine
  • Organize database, which includes but is not limited to, correcting API numbers and Well names on the TIFF and PDF files for each Section, Township, and Range folder
  • Work with shapefiles
  • Convert to/from other data formats (X/Y data , .dxf / .dwg , Z-map plus)
  • Re-project to/from various coordinate systems
  • Convert/re-project geologic data for new projects

Additional Functions for Geological Technician

  • Survey wells
  • Digitize logs
  • Oversee log digitizing by others
  • Mentor Geological Technicians I, II, GIS Technician, and Survey Tech

Minimum Qualifications:

  • B.S. / B.A. degree in Geology or related field preferred. Additional experience may be substituted for education on a year for year basis
  • Geological Technician I: Five (5) years of geological technician experience in the Oil and Gas Industries preferred
  • Two (2) years of geological experience in the Oil and Gas Industries preferred
  • One (1) to two (2) years experience in technical field preferred
  • Experience with Petra, EarthPAK, Geographix, ArcGIS, Global Mapper is a plus



Experience :
3-5 years
Wage :
Job Location :
Bakersfield, CA
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