Staff Engineer

Under the general direction from the General Manager, and District Engineer this position will provide critical support for District activities to protect its fundamental water rights on the Kern River. This will be accomplished through the development of detailed knowledge on the history, operations and records of Kern River water rights, flows and diversions. This position will also assist with key District engineering and water management programs and functions covering a wide range of District activities including facility operations, maintenance and improvements; right of way issues; water resources planning; program development and implementation; and, environmental and regulatory issues. 



  • ·Provide a lead technical support role for activities associated with the preservation of the District’s historical Kern River water rights in the context of administrative and legal proceedings.
  • ·Assist District activities to track and record Kern River water flows and diversions consistent with governing water rights agreements and contracts.
  • ·Provide professional assistance (planning, design, oversight) for maintenance, repair and installation of structures, equipment, and appurtenances along main canals, laterals, pipelines, pump stations and recharge areas.
  • ·Assist in the preparation of plans (using Autocad) and specifications/bidding documents, and construction management for District projects.
  • ·Assist in the preparation of maps and exhibits (using Arc GIS) for various District activities.
  • ·Assist with the preparation of “requests for proposals”.
  • ·Provide project management for consultant contracts.
  • ·Assist in the evaluation of District water supplies and demands, and the development of associated water management programs. Work with District staff and consultants regarding funding for these programs, including the acquisition and tracking of State and Federal grant funds.
  • ·Prepare technical analysis and evaluations.
  • ·Prepare memoranda, letters, and reports for review by District Management and the Board of Directors.
  • ·Assist in the preparation of agreements and contracts.
  • ·Assist in environmental and regulatory/permitting review of District and third party projects, and the preparation of associated documents.
  • ·Assist in the review of design/construction plans by other agencies to assure that the District’s interests are protected; coordinate with agencies as required.
  • ·Assist in the review of subdivision and other development plans to assure that the District’s interests are protected; coordinate with development interests as required.
  • ·Coordinate with District management, other agency officials, and federal, state and local officials in order to fulfill project requirements.
  • ·Assist with implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, including required monitoring and reporting and plan updates.
  • ·Performs other duties or special assignments as required.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or other technical field.  Minimum of three years’ experience in one or more of the following fields with a public agency, consulting firm, or agricultural enterprise:

  • Engineering
  • Water Resource Planning
  • Water Operations

Experience in using common office software packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.). Experience with Autocad, and Arc GIS. Knowledge of civil engineering principles and practices as applied to planning, development, design, construction and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems; administration of major construction projects with contractors; principles of hydrology and hydraulic engineering; soils and their characteristics which affect surface and subsurface water flow: legal requirements affecting rights-of-way and easements on irrigation and drainage systems; damn and major diversion operations and maintenance requirements; Agricultural Drainage Best Management Practices: District irrigation and drainage policies; applicable sections of the State of California Safety Orders; applicable State and Federal regulatory programs and permits. 



Experience :
3-5 years
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